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What is Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption refers to the current disruptive forces primarily from technology that can easily and rapidly render your business or industry irrelevant.  This disruption began with the internet and accelerated rapidly in the age of the computer tablet and smart phone. The digital technologies today  present both a significant risk and tremendous opportunity to traditional businesses.  As a business owner or senior executive you have to decide are you going to wait and become a victim of new technology like Blockbuster and others.  Or are you going to become a disrupter yourself and take control of your future. The decision is yours and don’t wait too long!


Your Digital Transformation

The new normal of our time is constant disruption, whether economy, pandemic or technological innovation.  The reality is that it’s no longer enough to simply keep up with the e-world – you have to be a step ahead in order to survive.

But how do you even start? How do you find the right people to help you? How do you avoid costly mistakes? How do you figure out the scope of what you need to do?

I’m Lynda Roth and I guide small and midsize companies to reimagine themselves as a digital powerhouse in order to thrive in the 21st century.  My Mission and Passion is to help you AVOID becoming the next Sears, Blockbuster or displaced industry that became victims of start-up companies that used digital technologies to transform an industry or topple an industry leader.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the solution for you and your business to survive and thrive.  It is time to re-imagination your business utilizing new technologies.  You can reach new customers! You can create new products and services! You can create new revenue streams! You can significantly improve productivity and reduce cost!  You can personalize your marketing and create a community of raving fans! You can be a disrupter and a leader in your industry by embracing new technologies and innovation!  By using our 5 step process re-imagine and transform your business for the digital economy you will secure your future.


7 Mistakes That Companies Make in Digital Transformation

We live in challenging times. If you are an executive or owner of a mid-market business that is not news to you.

Over the last couple of years we have been buffeted by an economy that almost collapsed and practically created a new world order for business. We have significant new legislation with more coming that changes many of the established practices of business.

So it is time for executives to challenge some of the traditional thinking and practices about business processes, information technology and how they interact. In the last few years there has been significant changes in technology that enable significant changes in how businesses function. So now the big question is how to address these opportunities and how to make the changes in your business.

LJR Consulting Services has the staff and solutions to ensure your success. Whether it is subscribing to our Executive Teleseminars, joining our Mastermind groups, having a business and technology health check up, utilizing our part-time CIO or engaging us for specific projects we have a service that will fit your needs. Explore our website and contact us at 818-216-7264 or email lynda@ljrcs.com for a free consultation.


7 Mistakes in Digital Transformation




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