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Lynda J. Roth

Lynda J. Roth

Digital Transformation Expert and Strategist

Digital Transformation is Business Transformation

Amazon has transformed  retail. Apple transformed the music industry. Google transformed information.  Uber transformed individual transportation.  Whatever industry you are in you are at risk if you are not addressing digital trends.  Lynda has spent her 40 year career guiding businesses through the stages of technology transformations.  Today she guides executives through defining new business models, identifying disruptive risks, defining new products & services, creating client communities, reframing traditional business functions, and identifying technological solutions to remain relevent and profitable in the 21st century digital economy. 

Lynda is the author of the forthcoming book, ‘Digital Transformation – How to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Economy’ and the host of the new podcast ‘Business Transformations for the Digital Economy’.  In the podcast Lynda explores companies that have stepped into their digital future, companies in the process and the technologies at the heart of the digital economy. 

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5 Key Mistakes Executives make in The Digital Economy

High level discussion on the mistakes many companies make in evaluating  risks and the market opportunities in the digital economy.

Secrets to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Economy

 Discussion on different strategies and technologies to transform traditional business.

Digital Transformation Workshop

 3 to 4 hour executive workshop to identify disruptive risks and new opportunities resulting from digital disruption and defining a new or revised business model.

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Lynda knows her stuff!! Besides bringing her technical expertise to the table in implementing technology, she is also able to see the big picture from the organization’s view point. 

Netti Dewan


Lynda demystifies technology. She has a rare and unique combination of business sense and technology that allows her to speak to CEO’s in a language they can understand!  

Dwayne Sode

Business Performance Consultant

Lynda brought a depth of knowledge and high level of organization into our LEAN project. Her ability to summarize complex issues and drive design teams was a huge help in getting these processes off the ground.   

Mike Ballerini

CIO, Salem Media Group