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More about Lynda

Lynda Roth has 30 years of experience in transforming organizations as a Senior Technology Executive and Digital Economy Expert.  She knows how to guide companies through transformations using digital technology to remain relevant in the 21st century digital economy, create a competitive advantage, accelerate business growth, and increase customer reach.

Lynda was raised in an entrepreneurial home.  She worked in the family business and became a student of business.  She broadened her knowledge by obtaining degrees in Information Technology and Accounting.

She became a software developer in Fortune 500 companies such as: Ralston Purina, Levi Strauss and McDonnell Douglas. Her business knowledge led her to IT management. She established her first technical consulting practice working with Fortune 500 companies to implement financial and CRM applications.

Later, Lynda launched a software/consulting firm. She and her partners developed a business intelligence application to support executive decision making.  Clients included American Medical International, First Interstate Bank, Saks Fifth Avenue, Shearson Lehman and American Express Bank.  After facing her own digital transformation crisis as technology moved from mainframe to client server, Lynda became inspired to guide other business through technology advancements and the resulting business and societal change that will impact their business.

As the President and founder LJR Consulting Services, Lynda advises clients on the digital transformations they must make to attain their strategic and operational goals.  She has a unique capability to work with people to identify critical business challenges resulting from the massive business and societal shift in the digital economy. She then successfully and economically delivers these solutions so her client companies will create significant, long-term competitive advantage. She has led teams to transform traditional businesses to remain relevant and increase corporate value in the digital economy.

Lynda is the author of the forthcoming book, Digital Transformation – How to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy.

Lynda is a past president and member of the Board of Directors of ACG101 (Association for Corporate Growth Ventura Chapter). She also is the past Chair of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants in Southern California.

Lynda loves to cruise in her high tech 2016 Corvette and join her Corvette Club on their rides. During football season Lynda spends Sunday afternoons in her girl-cave watching her favorite football team and sewing a new outfit.